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Greeting from management of ECI for the construction of new church which is located in nolambur, chennai Read More


Activly working to construct new church for ECI in nolambur, chennai.Read More


New church construction is in-progress. Rev.S.Robin Rajkumar is visiting the construction place.Read More

Why Donate?

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We the members of ECI Church are engaged in a project to build a church in Nolambur Township in chennai of South India. We are kindly requesting donations to complement our own efforts towards this project..The foundation of the building has already been completed and we are currently seeking assistance for, amongst other things, the walls, the roof and interior decor.

How can you donate?

Your assistance in helping us in our efforts to realise the abovementioned goals will be greatly appreciated. We are thus open to receiving any form of assistance from you. Do not hesitate to contact our Church Father,elder and clerk, whose numbers are appended below, for any clarifications and additional information you may need. We have also attached the pictures of the building showing the work that has been done to date together with details of our bank account.May the good Lord Jesus Christ, be with you and richly bless you, as you lend a hand in the building of his temple.

Donations in the form of Demand Drafts, Crossed Cheques, Money Orders ... etc may be sent to : ECI PeriyaNolambur Church Account, Chennai-95, India.

Contact:Rev.S.Robin Rajkumar, Mobile: +91-95000 06704

To Pay in Person by CASH / Cheque /Demand Draft

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ECI PeriyaNolambur Church Account
Nolambur, Chennai
600 095
+91 95000 06704

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ECI PeriyaNolambur Church A/C
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